Notes for applicants
1 Application System Requirements:
1.1 This site supported Internet Explorer 8 or above, Google Chrome latest version and Firefox latest version.
If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or above and cannot view the page properly, please turn off compatibility view. For details, please refer to :
1.2 Please disable any pop-up blockers. Otherwise you cannot proceed to the credit card online payment section.
To disable pop-up blocker on Internet Explorer, please refer to:
To disable pop-up blocker on Firefox, please refer to:
To disable pop-up blocker on Google Chrome, please refer to:
1.3 Please make sure that your web browser has JavaScript activated and Cookies enabled.
1.4 To avoid missing our message(s) which are mistakenly marked as spam, please add our e-mail addresses,, AND in the address book of your e-mail account or in your list of known or safe addresses if you are using a spam-blocking tool. You are reminded to periodically check your spam or junk email folder.
1.5 Adobe Reader is needed to view all PDF documents.
2 Register:
2.1 If you are new to the Online Application System and wish to create a new account, click the "Register" button.
2.2 To register, please provide your e-mail address for personal identification and create a new password. An e-mail address can be used only once for creating an account.
2.3 If your registration is successful, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail with your login information.
2.4 Please be sure to enter your personal information, e.g. e-mail address, date of birth and HKID Card/Passport/other ID Card number, which will be used for identification when you have forgotten your password.
3 Application Account:
3.1 To login:
Please enter your registered e-mail address and password.
3.2 Account Expiry:
You need to activate your account and complete the online application within 14  days after the date of registration. After the 14-day period, your account will be expired and cannot be restored.
3.3 Invalid Password Attempt:
If there are 13 or more login attempts using an incorrect password, your account will be locked. If you wish to obtain a new password generated by the system, please follow the steps listed in section 3.4 below.
3.4 Forgotten Password:
Our Office does not keep applicants' passwords. If you have forgotten your password, please click the "Forgotten password?" on the Login page and enter your registered e-mail address, date of birth and HKID Card/Passport/other ID Card number for identification. You will receive an e-mail notifying your login information with the new password generated by the system to you if your identity is verified.
3.5 Time Out:
  The online session will be terminated if the application is left idle for 30 minutes.
4 Complete the Online Application Form:
4.1 To move from one page to another, use the navigation toolbar located on the left of each page.
4.2 To avoid losing data, always click "Save & Continue" at the bottom of each page before proceeding to the next page.
4.3 To avoid system error, please do not click "Back" or "Forward" buttons when navigating the form.
4.4 When you have completed the online form, click "Submit Application" button to submit your application. You can only submit your application once. Applications completed but not submitted will NOT be processed.
4.5 If the submission is successful, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail with an assigned application number. You cannot make further changes to your application form via the online application system, EXCEPT for the following :
  • Updating actual result(s) of examination(s) which you have entered in the Public Examination – To be Attempted Section; and
  • Updating candidate numbers of examinations; and
  • Uploading new supporting documents.
4.6 Please note that programme/stream preference and reasons for applying cannot be amended after submission of application.
4.7 Please quote your application number in all future enquires.
5 Supporting Documents:
5.1 Before submitting the application, you should upload the following supporting documents by clicking the "Supporting Documents " button:
  1. a photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport / other Identity Card / dependant visa / one-way permit (for Mainland applicants only, if applicable)
  2. copies of your credentials, if any:
  • high school reports / transcripts and graduation certificate / diploma
  • diploma / sub-degree transcripts and graduation certificate
  • university transcripts / degree certificate
  • result slip(s) of public examination(s) (HKDSE / HKCEE / HKALE / IB / SAT / AP / ACT / GCE / GCSE / IGCSE / Gao Kao / others)
  • proficiency in English / Chinese languages (TOEFL / IELTS / others)
  • certificate(s) of professional / academic achievements
  1. Original certificates in support of the qualifications listed in the application will be required for verification upon request by the University before commencement of the academic term. Applicants who fail to produce these for verification WILL result in disqualification of their applications for admission and subsequent enrolments in the University.
  2. Credentials, which are not in English or Chinese, must each be accompanied by a certified translation in English.
  3. Please do not send your supporting documents to our office again if they have been submitted through online application.
  4. All submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.
5.2 After submitting your online application, you may submit the following documents using the online application system functions OR by post:
  1. forthcoming examinations result slips (To facilitate timely processing of your application, please submit your latest examinations results to us once available.)
  2. * any other necessary documents you received afterwards
* Not applicable for Non-JUPAS (Local) Admissions Scheme for Sub-degree Holders
5.3 Applications may not be processed if applicants fail to submit payment of application fee and necessary documentary evidence.
6 Payment of Application Fee :
You are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of HK$450 (approximate to US$58) via ON-LINE credit card payment by either VISA or MASTERCARD.
7 Submit Confidential Recommendations Online or by Hardcopy:
7.1 Via online system: After settling the application fee, you can submit up to 3 referee's information and check the referee submission status in the section "Online Recommendation Form".
7.2 Your referee will then receive an invitation email to login the "Online Confidential Recommendation System" to complete the Confidential Recommendation/Referee Report.
7.3 By hardcopy: You can print Confidential Recommendation Form in the section "Paper Recommendation Form". The completed form should be sent in a sealed envelope by post by either you or your referee directly to our office.
8 Application Security:
Your contribution to protect the security of your access to our application is crucial. Please be reminded to :
8.1 Keep your password confidential.
8.2 Choose a password that would be difficult to guess with at least 8 characters which contains at least 2 letters and 2 digits.
8.3 Click the "Logout" button after using the online application and close the web browser for the sake of security.
9 Privacy Policy Statement:
The information we collect from your application form will be used for the following purposes:
9.1 for all types of processing of applications for admission to undergraduate programmes offered by the University and other relevant or related purposes, including for verifying information about the applicant's candidature for public examinations and studies from the relevant institutions in Hong Kong and elsewhere; and for identifying multiple applications and records of previous studies as a student in the University and other institutions; and for the processing of admissions scholarships/bursaries; and
9.2 as part of applicants' student records upon registration to a programme, which will be used for all purposes relating to their studies in accordance with the procedures of the University; and
9.3 to ensure you are well connected with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and be informed of the latest news, please note that we will continue to deliver information including admissions-related news/ announcements, updates on programmes, campus news, students’ sharing, any University events and activities to be held to you personally through various communications channels by using your personal data maintained in the database of the Office. Such personal data includes contact information of your e-mail address, correspondence address, mobile phone number and telephone number.
Personal data will be kept confidential and handled by the University's staff members. The University may pass some of the data to appointed persons to undertake some of its academic and administrative functions.